My first spanking by Nikki was delicious, despite her being so cautious. I've found that it's not easy for someone who's vanilla to comprehend just how hard to spank, that a spanko not only can take it, but craves it.  I'm not saying that I could have taken a really severe paddling back then, because I couldn't.  In general, I'm not that great with pain, and it took a long time before my butt developed enough tolerance to take much of a thrashing.  I wanted it harder, though, than Nikki had spanked me - I needed to be taken to "the edge."  That "edge" would, over time, become further and further out there.  

Communication, of course, is the key.   I had to be able to say, "yes, that was great.  I loved it.  But... next time... could you please give a bit more."  A little harder, a little longer.  It was also important to let her know that I still enjoyed what we had had before, with or without the spanking. I think I did a pretty good job of it.  I gradually got her to intensify things a bit, using a variety of implements.  She came to understand that I wasn't that fragile, that I wouldn't break if she gave it too me too hard.  When she would occasionally  (very rarely) crossed my "limit," I might throw out my safe word (or maybe not), and then we'd laugh about it.  And sometimes I'd just throw myself on her, without her so much as having touched my butt.  

I have to say this about Nikki - never once did she make me feel like a weirdo for loving to get my bottom warmed.  She embraced the notion, accepting that it was part of my make-up.  Had she been a repressed spanko before, who just needed the opportunity I presented for her to blossom?  I don't think so.  Although some people say you're either kinky or you're not, I don't think that's always true.  Nikki sure accommodated me, exploring along with me.  I may be wrong - I don't get the sense, though, that it's ever something she would have done, except to please a partner.

Whatever her innate tendencies, Nikki sure took to the "spanking thing."  She'd initiate the action as often as I did, even if it was only because she had learned how excited it got me.  She "got" that whispered threats while we were around other people got me going, leading to a hot time when we were alone.  She "got" that getting my butt whacked before going out would leave me feeling it, especially if I'd be seated, like in a restaurant, that a hot bot kept me hot for her later.

And we had lots of hot times.  We tried different positions - me bending over something, or me lying on the bed - but our favorite was always some variation of "over the knee."   I loved being over her lap, where I just seemed to "fit."  I'm petite - only 5'3" - with a slight build (other than my butt).  She's a couple inches taller, and sturdier (not heavy, just very muscular and athletic).  So she was always able to control me when I was in  an otk position.  That control - being held in place, even if I struggled - was always part of the turn-on.

I "earned" my spankings lots of different ways.  Often I'd be sassy, a bit of brat, pushing her buttons until I found myself over her knee. Sometimes, when I was moody, she just decided I needed it. It might be the aforementioned whispered threat while we were out with other people.  Or I might just deposit myself over her lap.  We experimented with roleplay, like stuff I had done online, but for real - school scenes, or boss/employee stuff.  One of our favorites sharing our observations how a character in a movie, or someone on TV, or someone we saw in real life was behaving badly, and then when we were alone, I'd mimic the behavior until she took care of things.  That was always good for a laugh, and a good spanking.

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