For my first year of college, I had attended the local community college, with the intention of enrolling in a four-year school after completing my second year. Jan suggested that I move up this timetable by applying for admission to the school that she was attending.  Although it was theoretically within driving distance, she had even picked out a place for me to live.  She and or boyfriend Judd had a room in a house near the college.  One of the other girls who lived there would be spending the spring semester abroad.  It would mean quitting my part-time job at the diner, and I needed to keep working, especially if I was to take on the added expense of renting a room, however cheap.  Jan assured me that there were plenty of employment opportunities in the vicinity - bars and restaurants that would appreciate my experience in the field.

And if that weren't enough to convince me, she pointed out that she'd be close at hand to smack my butt whenever I needed it.  If I needed more convincing, she took me over her lap right then for a paddling.  She can be very persuasive.  Although I had started dating Nikki, things hadn't yet progressed yet (as described in earlier posts) to be getting spanked by her.  

I guess I never mentioned Judd before in my blog.  Jan's boyfriend was then a would-be photographer. A student at the same school, he had taken a semester off to travel and try some free-lance photography.  That was what left Jan with so much time on her hands to spend with me.  He had some great experiences, and had taken some great pictures, but hadn't made much money.  So he was coming back to school in the fall.  He is also a pretty cool guy, who I came to like a lot as a friend.

When I mentioned the idea of changing schools to Nikki, she was all for it.  That college and my home were about the same distance from Nikki's place, and she kind of liked the notion that I'd be out from under the watchful eyes of my parents (not that they put any real restrictions on me).  She said she'd even consider going back to school herself to take some course there.  

So the only people left to ask, or rather tell, were my parents.  Although they thought my earlier plan was better, they said they'd be supportive of my decision, if I got accepted, of course.

Right.  That.  I had to get admitted.  I worked diligently on my essay, and took care of all the documentation required to apply.  And then I waited.

It was a couple months later, well into the fall semester, that I got notification.  I was accepted! Celebrations were in order, and I had several.  The best, of course, was my private one with Nikki.  By that time I had become quite accustomed to her hand, and other things, on my backside.  A long, slow, sensuous spanking comprise a big part of our little celebration.  

Everything worked out as planned.  I got the room in the house where Nikki lived.  It was on the third floor of an old Victorian house. Jan and Judd had the bigger bedroom, while I had the little one.  We three shared a bath, and there was a little sitting room at the top of the stairs.  All very cozy.  The owners were an instructor at the school, and a grad student, who lived there with their toddler.  Several other students rented rooms as well.  The place had a double kitchen, side by side, with one for the owners, and the other for the roomers to share.    I needed a good reference (from Jan and Judd), a lengthy interview and a background check before being accepted.  Needless to say, I passed with flying colors.

After the first of the year, I got lots of help moving in - my parents, Jan and Judd, Nikki.  I found a waitressing job; it was a higher-class place than the diner, but the people weren't as nice.  Oh well, you can't have everything.

Spoiler - Just in case you were wondering, the owners of the house never spanked me or any of the other students living there. I think that sort of thing only happens in fiction.  Jan did, however, as promised, though not all that often, as Nikki was primarily handling that duty!

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