Having made it to bed together, Nikki and I started seeing a lot of each other.  When Jan would inquire into how her matchmaking had worked, I confided more than a few details.  Not that it was all sex.  We had a number of memorable dates that were just a lot of fund without (or should I say before) hopping into bed - a Melissa Etheridge concert, a Renaissance Faire (costumed as Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham) , a three-day camping trip. We had a good time no matter what we did.

In late August, we were at Jan's place to cool off with a dip in her dad's pool.  Chased indoors by a thunderstorm, the three of us were relaxing, sharing a couple bottles of wine in the basement rec room (where interesting things always seem to happen). A usually buttoned-down Jan was feeling no pain.

"Nikki," she said, "has our Elise told you yet what she likes?"

Nikki looked puzzled, and mumbled something on the order of, "Uh, yeah, I guess.  Lots of things."

"No, I mean what she REALLY LIKES.  You know."

Of course Nikki didn't know, because I hadn't yet figured out how to tell her.  Of course, with the amount of wine I'd consumed, I wasn't quite wrapping my mind around what Jan was saying either.

A playfully-exasperated Jan announced, "Well, I guess I'll just have to show you."

With that she pulled me over her lap, there on the sofa where she'd spanked me several times before. She proceeded to give me a pretty good hand-spanking, turning my initial laughing objections into squeals, all with Nikki watching.  It was funny, embarrassing, and a bit painful all in one.  

Nikki and I didn't talk about it that night.  It was hard for me to say out loud, "Yes, Jan is right - I do enjoy it."  Perhaps. though, it was obvious. I was a little too drunk to worry too awful much, at the time,  what Nikki might think. 

The next day it did bother me, at least up until we talked.  On the phone, it was more what wasn't said that made me more comfortable, since we didn't really discuss it much.  It wasn't until we saw each other next that she asked me about it, and I acknowledged that Jan was telling the truth.  We talked - not nearly so much as Jan and I had that first time, several months before - but enough that I could tell her about my fetish, and enough for her to grasp, on some level at least, what I was saying.  No, she didn't spank me herself then.  That didn't happen until our next date.

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