One of my earliest spanking fantasies, as I first realized it was my butt I wanted to get smacked, was to get one for my birthday.  No, not from parents, but from friends.  i always imagined them lining up so that, one at a time, they could each give me a pop.  It wasn't something we did in my family, and although some of my friends kidded about "birthday spankings," no one actually seemed to get one.  I certainly wasn't going to ask for one myself.  When I spilled my guts to Jan, though, this was one of the things I told her.  And she remembered.

My nineteenth birthday was particularly un-memorable.  I was in the dumps.  My birthday's in early February - my friends from high school had all headed back to college, leaving me at home.  My boyfriend had dumped me months before.  I had only started making friends at the community college I attended; I wasn't going to do anything lame like mentioning my birthday as if I needed some attention.  Although, of course, I really did. I spent the night itself online doing spanking roleplay, getting half a dozen "virtual" spankings.  I was such a loser.

In the year since, my life had turned around.  I became good friends with Jan, got my first real spanking, met Nikki, which if you've been reading here, you know turned into a hot and sexy spanking relationship.  I came out to my parents and friends, getting total acceptance.  I had transferred to a four-year school, living away from home now for the first time ever.  I was loving school, making new friends, becoming less shy.

One way or another, my best friends had found out how miserable I had been the previous year, and were determined that my twentieth would be celebrated to excess.  It was to be a surprise, of course, so I learned about the planning only after the fact.  The primary conspirators, as might be expected, were Nikki, Jan, and my best friend from high school - Beth.  As was the case the previous year, my main group of friends were back to school, whereas everyone else was a pretty disjointed lot.  Most of the invitees were still under-age, meaning we wouldn't be having the requisite alcoholic beverages for everyone if we went out.  So the venue would - once again - be Jan's dad's house.  I thought that Nikki and I were going over for a relatively quiet weekend get-together with Jan and Judd - small and intimate, but fun.

When I walked through the door, I was shocked.  Everyone I knew was there.  Jan and Judd, of course, but also Shane and a couple of the girls from the community college, Hector and his new girlfriend, my cousin Jerry and his girlfriend, a couple people I knew through Jan from my new school, a couple of the girls from Nikki's softball team who we'd hung out with, and then, perhaps most surprising, almost all my closest high school friends.  Although they had just got back to school, they had made the trip back home for the weekend.  All but Jessica - she was just too far away, but she called - twice! - during the evening to wish me a happy birthday and see how things were going.

We partied hearty - there was music, and dancing, and food, and cake, and drinks, lots of drinks.  Jan's dad was away for the weekend, and anybody without a designated driver could crash right there to be safe.  Jan had reserved a bedroom for Nikki and me.

The party was just starting to get in full swing when Jan stopped the music and called everyone together.  As it was nearing midnight, if we didn't get through "certain festivities" soon, it'd be too late, because it would no long be my birthday.  The obvious one was the cake.  She lit the candles, everyone sang (if you could call it singing), and I blew them out.  Fair enough.  But then Jan said they had planned something else for the birthday girl.

Ok, so there's no suspense here for you readers. You know where this is headed. For everyone else (besides Nikki, possibly Judd, and, to a slight extent, me), it was a big surprise.  Jan brought out a paddle - my paddle, my souvenir paddle from the jersey Shore, hat had ended up (for some reason!) at Nikki's place, and which was now in Jan's hands.  It was time, she said, for Elise's traditional birthday swats - and everyone would get a chance.  

Jan pulled a chair into the middle of the room, which she had me bend over, grabbing the seat.  She had evidently done her research.  I was wearing a short tunic top with leggings, so that when I did bend over, well, let's she say it presented a rather pronounced target.   

"You gotta make these count, people," instructed Jan, who then gave my butt a good pop.  "Ok, Nikki, you can go first."

"But you already gave me one," I objected.

Jan allowed that it didn't count, being only a demonstration.  Nikki hauled off and gave me to give me an even more solid whack.  I had taken far harder from her, but this one still got a little yelp.  And then everyone else took a turn.  Some of the paddlers were rather timid, giving wimpy swats.  Others gave more serious whacks.  With nearly thirty guests, I ended up with more than several "to grow on" or "be good on."  I'm pretty sure a couple people went through the line more than once.  By the time I was done, I had a nice sting-y bottom.  Not as sore as I was used to, but it still gave me a nice high.

Then the music started up again, and we danced.  And drank.

Later that night, I was in the line for the bathroom ahead of my friend Candace.  When the person in front of me went in, leaving us alone, in the hall, she leaned close to say, "You like it don't you?  I mean, really like it."

As drunk as I was, there was no doubt in my mind what "it" was.  Busted! Why should I lie? I nodded.

"I knew it!  I was watching your face.  Don't worry..." Candace made a zipping-the-lip gesture.

So, my other secret was out, at least to one person, and I didn't care.  At least not while I was in full party-mode.

The party went late, til three or four in the morning.  Everyone had a good time, just not as good as I did.  Later, upstairs , I got another private birthday spanking from Nikki, before we made mad, passionate love.
3/18/2013 01:17:30 am

Loved this post, and gah, you were so lucky!

Even though I mostly identify as a Top, the idea of getting a birthday spanking always appealed to me. And getting it from all your friends? How awesomely fun! =D

Very jealous.

11/13/2013 08:02:57 am

I didnt make my First holy communion untill i was 14,just one month away from turning 15 and since i was in the class with the 7 and 8 year parents dressed me the same as the little girls in the poofy communion dress,veil,lace socks and white mary jane shoes.they made me wear the same toddler size plastic pants[rubber pants] and under shirt under my dress that the little girls wear.after my party,i got into a fight with my brother(i started it) and got so angry i hauled off and hit him in the mouth.both mom and dad took me immediately to my room,took off my communion dress,and i was forced to lean over dads lap while he sat on my bed and he spanked me was worse since i had the rubber pants on as they fit me tight and made the pain all that much worse.after the spanking,i had to leave the rubber pants on and wear them to bed.

2/24/2014 02:50:31 pm

We have three daughters,ages 12,14 and 15 and we use rubberpants and spanking punishment on them.when one needs to be punished,she has to put on the toddler rubberpants and then lay over dads lap and is whapped with the belt..after that,they have to wear the rubberpants after school and to bed for three days.

allison M.
9/18/2015 04:54:24 am

To jenny-I was baptized when i was 15 and wore the traditional white poofy short dress and bonnet with the lace socks and white shoes.Towards the end of my party,ny brother and i got into a fight and i called him the F word and my dad grabbed me and took me to my room and forced me over his lap,brought up my baptism dress and paddled me on my rubberpanties also and it really hurt!

2/24/2014 03:20:26 pm

I remember getting spanked took down those hand me down jamis and under pants three hits on bare tush

10/17/2014 02:53:42 pm

When I read this I was so jealous. Then on my 12th birthday my dad called the school and told them to let everyone paddle my bare butt and give me 25 smacks. It was from 6th graders to 8th graders using the paddle in the gym.

11/18/2015 02:41:53 am

I loved reading the story of your birthday spanking. My first spanking was similar, on my birthday. 2 girls spanked me hard. Ever since then, I have totally hooked on getting spanked.

1/27/2016 05:52:59 am

Sometimes when my boyfriend starts backing off when I start to struggle feels like counterproductive in discipline punishment style spanking. If it that type of spanking and my boyfriend back off or stops, I feel I’m letting him down even though I have relinquished control of this spanking to him. Sometimes I actual asked for a real no nonsense spanking about every other month or so. I like this power exchange that happens and I feel the of energy and cathartic release from being spanked beyond being able to make words. It’s that feeling of not being in control anymore and while the pain is intense and physical I want it to stop and I and I’m yelling, begging and for it to stop, deep inside I want need him continue and turn it up notch and keep going until I change from yelling into a pillow to crying hard and getting that endorphin release. Sure I have burses and welts but that tranquil feeling of being centered again is wonderful. The pain from the spanking is catalyst to release negative emotions. So, sometimes I do ask for a no-nonsense no safe word spanking with no specified number and keep going until I really sobbing. As I am pushing my jeans and panties down, sometimes I have to remind my boyfriend before the spanking start to not to back off just because I am starting to struggle and to actual start the non stop rapid fire swats with no pauses between whacks until I get that sobbing release. I have to remind him that for this one, he gets to decide when I had enough and I trust him explicitly and I really want this. I have to remind of that because he is always so gentle and has always stopped when I yell out safe word. He's big softy and doesn’t ever want to hurt me. But every one in a while, I need and want a real blistering with his office belt or the flat part of the handle of a bamboo backscratcher from the dollar store he has, or a combination of both.

Kim Newco
4/13/2016 04:56:18 pm

I like a real spanking like the kind that goes on until I am bawling, sobbing and crying. I finally opened up to boyfriend of 8 month that I like spanking. I told him I want a real discipline style spanking until I am crying. No safe word, no time limit, no swat limit and bare ass. I told him I want to try to experience the thrill and adrenaline rush of making the choice to submit to it and to see if I can will myself to do it. He finally decided to give it a try. I pushed my jeans and panties all the down and he put me over his lap, he spanked me with his hand really hard for a really long time. He let me and I stiffened up, flew my hands over my ass, I pushed my hips forward and began rubbing frantically as I was hoping up and down. I was far from crying but I sure was fussing. He pulled off his thin office belt doubled it half and asked me. “Ok, are you sure want to want this” I respond with a yes. “Ok, that means I decide when this whippin stops not you!” There I was jeans and panties down to ankles now. As I was rubbing I looked directly into his eyes, I shuffled over and gently put my arms around him and hugged him. I kissed him ever so gently and I and said, “Yes, please, I really do want to try this. So please don’t hold back.”Remember, no safe word" as I laid over the arm of the couch. He beat my bare ass really fast. It took my breath away. I shoved my face I to my pillow and started biting it trying to muffle my screaming. Instinctively I shouted out my safe word but he ignored it. I was kicking and screaming and it went on and on. I don’t know how long it lasted but I finally broke into sobbing but he still kept whipping my ass hard and fast. When he stopped I was bawling so hard I was hiccup crying and my eyes were all puffy and stinging as tears were flowing. I just laid there sobbing. Its was pure release and he held me until I calmed down and afterwards I felt so tranquil and centered. I tanked him for spanking me like I wanted.

Patty Kelly
5/15/2016 06:03:06 am

A Birthday Engagement Spanking

Patty and Mark have been dating for 17 months. Patty made a commitment to her dad at 14 before he died to save herself and not fool around until she got married. Her mom was always overly controlling and she remarried twice since her dad died. Both times were because she never respected them, she was bitchy and controlling. Patty realized this as she grew up and watched how much turmoil, arguments and fights she had to listen too. Her mom was just a controlling person and had a need to control everything and ended up pushing all the guys she got involved with away.
Patty moved out the second she was 18. She was working her way through college for nutrition as a aerobatic instructor and fitness training at the local gymnasium. She began reading books about relationships because she didn’t want to go through what she saw her mom go through with men. She read books on personality and how to have a good relationship. Like “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” etc. As she was reading more and more, she discovered her mom had a lot of codependent issues and did know how to treat men. She learned that even her dad was a wimp and just capitulated to just about everything her mom said. She actually had to morn inside because she saw it for what it was and that she never wanted go through broken marriage. All the books she read told her that one of men's primary social need is respect.
As she was surfing the web one day she came across a site called domestic discipline. The more she read the more she was enthralled. She than started reading more and more from all the sites she could. She decided that she wanted to try it. She tried with a few boyfriends but they had to accept the fact she wasn’t going to fool around and only spank her over her cloths. She was in one for about two years and it ended because he moved to Australia for a internship grant for his degree specialty. However, she learned all kinds of things about herself. She was a spanko, she had a high pain tolerance and she liked all kinds of spankings, maintenance, corrective, erotic (sexual release even though it was only over her cloths) and even real ones that made her cry a little. However she also wanted to experience a really hard one for and cathartic therapeutic emotional release, ones that made her sob out of control but decided to save that experience for her future husband if she could talk him into without feel like she was a freak. She wanted to know what it felt like to feel the bonding that can happen after the real emotional release and discipline ones. She decided that though its hard to relinquish control accept it, but from what she read they were all worth it. She learned all about different implements and how some of them felt. Others she read about online. The closest thing she got to bare butt one she got from one of her boyfriends over her bikki swim suit after she lost her tempter. She came to the frightening realization that she was head strong like her mother and she had a temper. She was a very driven person and hated the idea of being controlling like her mother. She didn’t want to have broken relationships.
She determined in her heart that her first bare butt spanking would be from her husband who she was also saving herself for. She broke up with a few boyfriends because of that issues. Because they wanted sex and insisted to spank her bare. She closing herself up inside about it. She resolved inside that she wouldn’t bring it up, admit it or expose this part of her life until she was ready get engaged and hope he wouldn’t freak out too much. This bring her back to Mark. She was 23 almost 24 now and knew she loved him.
Mark was a highly intelligence, self-motivated who finished his degree in business with a specialty in investments and stocks and a minor in mathematics. He was a natural math wiz. He could do math in his head pretty quick. He weight lifted and jogged all the time.
They had a lot in common, they both liked country music, wearing cowboy boots (expect when running), western leather belts with cowboy buckles and hats. There were times he ware business attire and thin office belts too at work. He was a full 6 feet talk with blond hair and in great shape. He was always so respectful of her boundaries and never pressures her about sex or removing any of her cloths. Although, she knew he liked seeing her in a bikki when they went swimming down at the lake with her friends. She had a few fusses with him over the 17 month of dating but they worked it out. He was a gentle giant and wouldn’t hurt a fly. But she saw he could be assertive sometimes and didn’t always back down when he really felt he was right. They both enjoyed horseback riding also, which was one of things they did a lot at her grandmother place.
She was 5' 4” and she was of course was in great shape like he was; she was slender and thin. She was in n

6/8/2016 07:05:26 pm

Spanking Stories you might want to read

Story 1: Spanking Friend and Neighbor

Story 2: Spanking Engagment

Story 3: Spanking Contest

9/22/2016 11:11:50 pm

Hi, I'm Jennifer! I've been into spanking since I was in my teens but never got involved until my 20's. I always had a safe word except for discipline spanking with my boyfriend. It is "Superman" three times in a row, but I never used it. I'm not sure if I'm the only one but I have such a extremely high pain tolerance that when we first started he would stop because of the condition of my backside before I ever used my safe word, even when it was suppose to be a discipline style. He would never get me to cry. He calls me "Supergirl” buns of steel." He'd always used thick wooden implements or thick western belts. He is always afraid of going too far. He always felt bad about the bruises and welts he would leave but I expected it. He's also always gave me slower types whacks too. I finally got him to not be afraid hit hard but I'd be bruised up to bad for him and he end up stopping before it even affected me. This went on for like a year and we were both frustrated because no matter how hard he whack it barely got a response from me. We talked and finally found something that worked during a discipline spanking. He switched me one time and that got me yelping a lot and even hop up and down. We discovered that it was what he was using and the way he was applying them. We learned that lighter and stingy implements were the trick. Also, my pain tolerance goes down with the brisk fast type swats and more lengthy. He was concerned at first because he felt he was wailing on me. It took a while for use to both get use to it. The implements now are switches (hate them), thin but durable ruler type paddles, curtain rods and thin leather office belts (hate them). For discipline spankings, he now knows exactly how make me cry. I have to have rapid fire swats from the beginning, very lengthy and no warm up. Am I the only one who has such a high pain tolerance that needs such extreme measure for it to be effective?

Clarice A.
10/17/2016 05:16:00 pm

To Jenny-OMG! I made my First Communion at 15 and per the parish dress code,had to wear the rubberpants under my communion dress with a white tee shirt as my top.My mom got the Dappi brand rubberpants in the xxl size and they fit me snug and were quite uncomfortable! Before my party,i called my brother a dirty name as he was being a tease and mom took me to my room and made me lean over her lap and spanked me with my hair brush while my brother watched! Having the tight fitting rubberpants on made the pain much worse! Then,after my party,i wasnt allowed to take the rubberpants off untill bedtime!


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