I never came out and told Jan that I was sexually attracted to women.  It probably wasn't hard ot figure out, though, once I had told her, first, about my fantasy of being spanked by a woman, and second, I considered erotic.  That was why (as she told me later) she decided to use a bit of subterfuge in setting me up with her friend Nikki.  Nikki and Jan were teammates on a recreational woman's softball team. Jan know about Nikki's bi-sexuality because Nikki had once made a pass at her.  And I've explained how she knew about me.  When she decided we might like each other, her challenge became how to get us together without being overly obvious about it.  

Step one was inviting me to a get-together with several of the women from the team. I went, having a good time.  Although I can't say that I was especially drawn to Nikki, we did talk some and got along pretty well.  A week or so later it was an invitation to go to an outdoor concert, "along with Nikki - you remember one of the girls from the team?"  Enjoying the time I was spending with Jan, of course I said yes. While I was driving to the designated rendezvous spot, I got a call from Jan.  She needed to take her dad to the doctor, but she'd try to meet up with Nikki and me later.  Of course, she never did.

Jan's plan worked, as well as she could have hoped.  We had a great time, the two of us, all afternoon at the concert, and then the evening.  We both figured out, independently, Jan's little ploy, and didn't hold it against her one bit.  Knowing that she must know something about the other made it easier to give way to the growing attraction.  By the time we said good night, we shared a kiss, having made plans to catch a movie a couple days later.  The movie date went equally well, leading to plans to cook dinner together at her place the upcoming Saturday.

I was giddy with anticipation for what the weekend promised.  On Saturday morning, though, that the plans were canceled.  A couple return calls connected me only to her voicemail, with no reply.  I was devastated.  All day Saturday, and then Sunday, I waited, hearing nothing.  Desperate, I called Jan.  I hadn't yet filled her in on the events thus far with Nikki, but now I did.  Perhaps I was looking for too much, or too quickly, and spooked Nikki.  Jan heard me out, and promised to do some reconnoitering on my behalf.  

She left me a message while I was working the next day, and I called her back on my break.  What had happened was this: a friend of Nikki's - her ex-boyfriend, in fact, who she had remained friends with -
 had died in an automobile accident, a drunk driver slamming into his car.  Nikki was an emotional wreck, in no mood even to talk to me.  She had assured Jan, though, that she still wanted to see me again after she was through this.

I felt like a complete, self-centered fool because of how I had reacted, not that I could have known.  Jan suggested I stop by her place after work to have a glass of wine to help wind down.  I needed more than that, but Jan already knew that.

Was it guilt, or feeling stupid, or being anxious?  Maybe a combination of all these and more.   Dr. Jan's prescription was a trip over her lap, something I didn't contest.  The ping pong paddle did its job well.  I was crying by the time she was not - not that it hurt any more than the previous time so much as I was sad for Nikki, and happy that I had such a good friend in Jan.

Nikki did call me several days later.  We did did get together at her place to cook.  And afterwards we had some really hot sex.   

3/5/2013 11:14:17 pm

And after we had... Had what?

S'mores? A stimulating debate about the Federal budget deficit?

Ya can't just leaving us hanging like that! You deserve a good ole fashioned....

3/7/2013 01:57:11 pm

All corrected now! I don't know what happened. It was correct in the text box, it just didn't appear in the published version. I had to go in and delete the last bit and re-type it to make it appear.

3/7/2013 01:11:21 am

I found your blog from Bonnie. Enjoyed reading it. Hope you will stop by my blog. Good luck on your continue spanking adventures.

3/7/2013 01:58:23 pm

I don't know Bonnie, but if she got you here, then I thank her. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Vicariously Red
3/17/2013 02:19:45 pm

I'm guessing FLdom is referring to the blog My Bottom Smarts (http://bottomsmarts.blogspot.com/), which is also where I found out about you.

I like this blog; I also find the idea of being spanked not for punishment or for discipline but strictly for fun to be especially hot.

3/17/2013 05:30:38 pm

I just checked out your blog. I like it (and so added a link here).

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