My first spanking by Jan was great.  The second one was even better.  The dialogue about my desires that began even before she offered the first time continued afterwards.  Those discussions were important - even she had never spanked me, being able to bare my soul, so to speak, and have someone react with support and understanding felt so incredibly good.  Fortunately, it hadn't ended there.  

She knew, then, I craved something a but more intense than that first handspanking.  The scene was the same, a couple weeks later, in the basement rec room at her father's house. I remember that we were both done with school for the term, so it must have been some time in May.  We were just hanging out, when I picked up one of the paddles from the ping pong table to inspect in, and gave my own butt a couple playful whacks.

Then she said something like, "You know, Elise, if you wanted to try it for real, I could help you with that."

So for a second time, I found myself over Jan';s lap, there on the same couch.  In case there was any doubt, I learned that a paddle can hurt a heck of a lot more than a hand.   And in this case, Jan made sure that it did. To her credit, she kept going, even when I became a bit squirmy and vocal.  Now that was a spanking. No, it wasn't barebottom, but it still hurt pretty good.  She was impressed that I could take it so hard, or at least so she said.  Afterwards, I excused myself to go off to the bathroom, where I checked things out.  Unlike before, I had some serious color.

Since that time, Jan has given me more than a few spankings over the years.  Usually, but not always, it's been during times when I've not been getting my butt smacked by someone else.  Although she knows full well that I like it having my bottom bared, that's never happened with Jan.  We haven't exactly talked about it, but I think it's because that's outside her comfort zone.  I couple times on my panties when I was wearing a skirt, and once on a (wet!) swimsuit were as close as she ever came.  

And no, we never did anything sexual - no making out or anything.  Unlike me, she's quite straight.  She would, though, be instrumental in getting me hooked up with, and then spanked by, my next romantic partner, But that's another story.

What Jan did become for me is my best friend.  How could she not, when i tell her pretty much everything as I had (not, until much later, though, that I had had a crush on her), and when I could rely on her to give me a good spanking when I needed it most?  Jumping ahead a few years,, I was in her wedding when she got married, and she's going to be my own matron of honor.  And it all started because she invited me over her lap.

4/21/2014 07:04:44 pm

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