I can only imagine whether Nikki was as anxious as I was to have the next conversation, sober, about "what Elise likes."  We spoke on the phone, a couple times, but that didn't seem to be the right place or time.  We had made some plans to go out ti dinner.  The restaurant, though was too crowded to have that kind of intimate conversation.  So we had to wait until we were back at her place.  Even then, it seemed we were stuck on small talk.

I finally asked a one-word question.  "So?"
Nikki made a face - not a bad face, just a face - before replying.  "So... is Jan right?  Is that what you like?"

I nodded, before adding.  "A lot."

However much she had thought about the idea in the intervening days, Nikki still paused as if she still needed to process it.    "And it's something you want me to do?"

I nodded again, blushing.

"Then I guess we'll have to try it.  Do you want some more wine?"

A little bit of alcohol can really help loosen things up.  I hadn't realized it, but I'd already drained my glass.  


That might not be exactly how the conversation went, word for word, but it's pretty close.  It was a big step for me, getting that information out to a lover.  I remember it pretty well.

No, she didn't spank me that night. We did, though, talk about it at length.  That was getting to be a pattern with me.  I described my fantasies.  She asked questions, which I answered.  It came a little easier this time - perhaps it was the "dry run" with Jan.  We didn't even make love, Nikki and I.  Sharing what was on my mind, in my soul, was intimacy enough for one evening.

Two days later on Saturday, we had another date.  Neither of us had to say anything.  I knew, we both knew, that, before the evening was over, she would give me the spanking I craved.  I dressed for it.  Although I almost invariably wore pants, on this particular night I wore a miniskirt, with sexy lace panties underneath, panties purchased just for this occasion.  Nikki had ordered Chinese, opened a bottle of wine, and lit candles.

We had some wine, although not that much, and barely picked at our food.  The tiny kitchen table was too much of an obstacle.  We kissed all the way from the kitchen into the bedroom, where she pulled me onto the bed. Although the fondling that followed wasn't enough to get me where I needed to go, it sure was a good start.  After some time, there was a pause, as we found ourselves gazing into each others' eyes.  The time had come.  We both knew it.

Nikki sat up; I crawled over her lap. Her hand rubbed my bottom through my skirt.  Then, a bit tentatively, she began swatting me.  Before long, my skirt was up, and a bit later, my panties down, as she slapped harder.  Compared to ones I would receive later, the spanking was pretty tame stuff.  My bottom was tingling, though - perhaps from a combination of both the smacks and the excitement.  Nikki's hands roamed, here and there, between, and in.  The rest of my clothes came off, as did hers, as we pleasured each other's bodies.

The occasion didn't disappoint.  It was far better than losing my virginity, with David - hurried fumbling on the couch in his living room before his parents would arrive home.  Better than the much appreciated but chaste first spanking I had received from Jan.  Better even than my first time with a woman, with Nikki, just a couple months before.  What I had dreamed about for years had finally come true.

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