Judd didn't ask me himself. Jan was the intermediary initially.  Although he had worked professionally as a free-lance photographer, he was back in school to get a degree.  For his final project in one class his idea was to take pictures of "the female form."  Clothed and unclothed.  And it seems he was looking for a model.  

"What's that got to do with me," I asked as innocently as possible.  The answer, of course, was obvious, even to me.

"And he wouldn't ask you?" was my attempt at deflection. That, apparently, had already been discussed.  Jan had a dozen reasons why that wasn't a good idea.  It would be embarrassing for her, since his family would eventually see the work.  Etc, etc.  

The truth of the matter is that Jan is a prude. That's what I've concluded.  It's like her never wanting to spank me barebottom.  But that's ok.  She's a great friend.

Anyway, back to the point.  Judd was looking for a model, and I was the targeted candidate. Jan and I talked around in circles for a while, until I finally said that he should talk to me himself.  So, I was at least considering the proposition.

The next day, Judd did talk to me himself. He put me more at ease than Jan had, by making it seem like it was no big deal. These were not going to be sexy pictures - it was going to be art.  We'd start with my clothes on, and go as far as I wanted, stopping if I felt uncomfortable.  No "FFN" either.  By the time he was done with his spiel I had agreed to do it.

It may be hard for you appreciate how big a thing this was for me.  Even a year before I never would have considered taking my clothes off for some guy, whether or not he had a camera.  Self-conscious of my shape, I had dressed pretty frumpy all through high school, never showing much skin.  Going swimming, I had never worn a bikini until after my senior year, and then only at my boyfriend David's urging. Even now I would almost always wear tights or leggings under a short skirt, and never a low-cut top.  Having agreed to Judd's project, I was quite proud of myself for being so bold.  It was part of the "new Elise."

Nikki wasn't quite so thrilled.  This wasn't long after the incident with Hector, so perhaps that was still on her mind.  I assured her that Jan would be there too, and that she, Nikki, would probably be welcome to join us.  Nikki said that that wasn't necessary; she trusted me.  Whether she did or didn't, I was glad she said it.  In my own mind, I was doing it partly for her.  It was my intention to frame several of the finished pictures for her as a Christmas present.  

I met again with Judd a week or so before the shoot to review everything - procedures, more re-assurances, requests for hair and make-up, selection of the clothes I would wear.  We also went over financial arrangements.  He thought it only fair that he give me a small modeling fee, as he intended to make prints available for sale in addition to turning in his class project.  Because he couldn't afford a large fee, he also offered me a small percentage of the proceeds from any sales.  He also assured me that none of the pictures would ever end up on the internet. The last thing he said made me blush - "And Elise, no bruises please."  Jan had told him, obviously.

We were shooting in a beautiful old mansion.  Judd knew someone, who knew someone, who knew someone who owned it, or perhaps was the realtor.  It was for sale, with no one living there, and minimally furnished.  It had a grand staircase in a marble-floored foyer, beautiful stone fireplaces, airy bay windows, some with window seats.

Judd had gone there ahead to set up lighting and such.  I drove with Jan.  When we arrived, she disappeared into the back to the kitchen where she planned to study, but still within earshot "if you need anything."

We got started with me dressed in jeans and a t-shirt.

"Just get comfortable in front of the camera for now, and have fun," were Judd's initial instructions. He was using a digital camera, so he could take an unlimited number of shots without wasting film.  He had me pose, and make faces, and climb on the banister of the stairs, or do pretty much anything I wanted to do.  Gradually he started giving more direction - how and where to stand, or crouch, or sit; which way to look; the expression I should have.  All the while he snapped away, except when he paused to re-adjust the lighting.

I was looking out one of the bay windows  with him behind for what must have been silhouette shots, when he said, "Ok. stand there, keep looking out, and take off the shirt. I'm going to stay back here."

I was wearing no bra, as instructed.  But I did it, take off my shirt  As easy as that.  It was only my bare back he could see at first, until he asked me to turn slowly.  My little boobies - for they are pretty small - were being photographed, and it seemed natural.  Well, ok, I was a little shy about it, but I think that was the look Judd was going for.  He shot me from a number of different angles, in different poses.

Then it was time for a break.  I put my shirt back on, and joined Jan in the kitchen for a bottle of water.  She asked how it was going.  I said fine.  It really was.  After the break, I changed into the dress I had brought along, that Judd had selected.  It was blue - a good color for me, he said - knee-length and flowing.  Judd poked his head in - time to get back to work.

It didn't feel like work.  It was fun.  He had me dance from room to room, slowly, twirling, bending.  All part of loosening me up again.  I felt like a ballerina.  I stopped dancing and combed my hair for a series of portrait shots, with a range of expressions.  It was back to some more movement, before the time came again to disrobe.  For a while my panties stayed on, and then they, too, came off.  I stood, I sat, I lay on the floor.  Judd's voice as he gave me instructions on posing, was always calm, confident, complimentary and re-assuring.  

I had no idea how long I'd been posing when he said, "Ok, Elise.  We're all done. "  It's odd, but only then did I feel awkward about being naked.  This must have been obvious, because he handed me my dress, and then busied himself turning off lights and packing equipment while I covered my nakedness.  We'd been shooting for over two hours.

That was early December.  By Christmas, I had the pictures in hand that I wanted to frame as presents - a portrait and a full-length shot of me in the blue dress for my parents, and a set of four black-and-white nudes for Nikki.  Everyone was happy with their gifts. Judd got an "A" on his class project.


Judd's instructor decided to do a display of the photos from his four top students - in the student center at the college!  Judd's was the only one with a nude subject.  This was at the beginning of my first semester there after transferring.  Judd, apparently decided I didn't need to know this little fact, so imagine my surprise when I came face to face with myself my first week on campus.  Funny thing, though - no one else seemed to notice.  The pictures were all in black-and-white, with no direct facial shots, and lots of artistic shadows.  By the end of the four-week exhibition, I was even taking a perverse pleasure in strolling past the pictures without any of the people viewing them noticing that I was the girl in the photos - and the nudes got more attention than any of the others.  

Actually, at least one person did notice.  There was this nerdy-looking kid, Peter, in one of my courses that semester.  We often sat near each other during class, and would talk occasionally.  A week or so after the exhibition had been taken down, he said to me, right out of the blue, "I really enjoyed your pictures, by the way.  You're quite beautiful."

I was shocked, to say the least, and a little embarrassed.  The way he said it, though, was so earnest, that I didn't think at all that he was being weird.  What could I say but "Thank you."

If he secretly wanted to ask me out I don't know, as he never said anything of the kind.  We did become friends, though. Eventually he learned that I was in a relationship, with Nikki, so I'm sure that quashed any other ideas he might have had.  He did become my tutor for my math class the following fall; I don't think I would have passed without him.     

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