Spanking-wise, I spent my high school years feeling all alone in my fantasy, having little or no clue that anyone else shared this interest - just freaky me and my self-spanking. My first real hint that  someone else might share this interest came courtesy of my father.  No, it wasn't anything creepy.  My dad is a huge Monty Python fan, and, with his complete collection of of videos from the television show to watch, I became one as well. I was sixteen, I think, when  He brought their "Holy Grail" home from the video store for a family video night (as I am an only child, that meant my mom, my dad and me).  

It was all just a typical Python romp. When the Castle Anthrax scene reached its conclusion, though, I nearly fell off the couch as the young nuns begged Galahad to "spank me." Even in my innocence, it was clear to me that this was something they craved the same way I did, something sexual (even though I totally missed the "then oral sex" line). Indeed, I could be one of them, locked away in my own castle.  I'm sure my face turned beet red from embarrassment.  Although we were watching with the lights out, I just knew my parents had to be able to decipher my reaction.  That was nonsense, of course, but I felt so exposed, as if I had announced it to the world.  I had such a sense of relief when the evening ended without either of them saying a thing about that scene.  

I still couldn't sleep that night.  In the wee hours of the morning, I slipped back downstairs to watch that segment again, the volume turned down low, five or six times, just to be certain that I had seen and heard what I thought I had.  Now hearing "oral sex," I knew I had made no mistake.  It may sound silly, but that little scene from "Holy Grail" validated my fantasy.  I couldn't be alone in the world if a Monty Python movie poked fun at the idea.

2/28/2013 06:34:25 am

I saw that movie for the first time when I was in high school. I think it was actually on PBS if you can believe it! I was soooo disappointed that the scene ended without a single spank or glimpse of bare bottom. But just hearing the word "spanking" uttered several times was intoxicating.

Andrew Goodman
3/8/2013 01:29:22 pm

I have to agree. I got excited at that scene.


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